About Us

United Logistics Specislists (ULS) is a Network of independent freight forwarders who facilitate and expedite international transports. ULS is founded on mutual trust, honesty, experience, capability and knowledge therefor we accept agents based on these foundations.


Knowledge : how familiar are you with international logistics

Experience : how long are you in the business

Capability   : how many staff do you have to handle the shipments

Trust          : how is your financial situation


The goal is to assist ULS members in their day to day logistics business and help them to grow into an International Logistics agent in the industry.


ULS members are pro-active in developing business and they provide the type of personal services that was standard many years ago, but seems to have been lost in today's fast paced world.


Their aim is "What is good for our members is good for us".


However United Logistics Specialists (ULS) is an exclusive network, we will limit membership to 3 agents per country (except the larger countries with bigger industries, here we will set the limit at 6 agents). This is to ensure that other members will always receive the best possible services and rates.


United Logistics Specialists (ULS) provides full members with a Financial Security Programm, which you can receive after 1 year membership.